Elliott Dental Studio Supports Clarenville

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Our team at Elliott Dental Studio is proud to be an active member of the Clarenville community.

Giving Back to Clarenville

Elliott Dental Studio has been part of the Clarenville community for many years, and we love giving back through our involvement with some very worthwhile local charities. We've even come up with a few of our own ways to give back to the Clarenville community.

Community Involvement, Mount Pearl Dentist

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Choices for Youth

This year in celebration of Oral Health month in April, the dentists and team at Mount Pearl Dental gave the gift of oral care. In Canada, approximately six million Canadians avoid visiting the dentist every year because of the cost. Our team provided proper oral care and oral hygiene education to mothers and children of Momma Moments. Each participant was given a check-up with a dentist, a cleaning, along with an oral care kit.

The Momma Moments outreach program aims to empower young pregnant and parenting women to effectively care for their children, and improve their healthy living skills.

Mt. Pearl Sport Alliance - Youth Award

As a native of Mt Pearl, Dr. Greg Elliott loves his community. This year we decided to partner with the Mount Pearl Sport Alliance to award local youth who show excellence in teamwork, team spirit and leadership by giving back to the community.

Etcetera Talent Show

We are a big supporter of the arts here at Mount Pearl Dental and we want nothing more than to see our youngest talent succeed. We are happy to support the Etcetera talent show annually and help grow our future stars.

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